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57 Years in Business
Switches Unlimited specializes in new panel design, automation controls and the replacement of obsolete switching components. We offer an extensive selection of motor, photoelectric, proximity, programmable, relays, switches and safety controls. Order online, email or call us at 800-221-0487.
NKK Switches’ OLED SmartDisplay™ and SmartDisplay™
Brilliant, wide viewing angle with a high contrast resolution format that yields superior clarity and quality. OLED SmartSwitch, SmartDisplay, and Rocker are programmable modules that display graphics for alphanumeric characters, animated sequences, and video in 16 bit 65,536 colors. The OLED SmartSwitch has a life of 1,000,000 actuations. The OLED technology allows us to provide a 180 degree viewing angle with high contrast and clarity, with wide temperature ranges of -20 to +70 deg C. The modules are Epoxy Sealed with Straight PC. For more info »
CIT Illuminated Indexing Switch
CIT Relay & Switch AS Series Illuminated Indexing Switch is RoHS Compliant, available in SPDT and DPDT with 90° indexing and DPDT with 45° indexing. The AS Series is splash proof and offers non-illuminated, single LED or bi-color LED illumination. Color choices are Red, Yellow, Green, Blue, White and Orange with many bi-color options. LED voltage choices are 6V, 12V, 24V, 110V and 220V or a no internal resister in series with the LED. Actuator is Stainless Steel w/Poly Carbonate LED lens. For more info »
EAO Multi-Tone Sound Module
EAO’s new TSI PRM sound module helps persons of reduced mobility. The new Series 56 MTSM (Multi-Tone Sound Module) can be programmed to emit clear warning and orientation sounds which may be adapted to any operating environment, especially rail vehicles. It is pre-programmed with three TSI PRM *-suitable tone sequences for door opening, door closing, and an orientation signal to help disabled users. Other sequences can be created by programming these tones to play at different volumes,durations and intervals. For more info »
NKK, DSB Series of sensor mercury free tilt switch
DSB Series environmentally friendly switches are engineered to replace mercury and pendulum switches and are ideally suited to meet product safety concerns due to normally closed (on) status. The DSB Series uses a photo interrupter instead of conventional contacts to ensure high reliability and sensitivity to very small angle changes, while at the same time supporting current environmental and green standards. Features a sealed construction for protection from environmental elements, including hydrogen sulfide, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen hydroxide. For more info »
Idec Contrast Sensor
The TL46 digital contrast sensor is characterized in terms of resolution, definition and precision of the light spot emitted by RGB LEDs, fast response time and high switching speed. The sensor, developed in a sturdy metal housing with standard mounting, is available for applications requiring innovative technology at the best price/performance ratio. Advanced features to note; RGB LED, Automatic, manual and remote setting, NPN/PNP, analog outputs and Remote input, Standard mounting, M12 connector rotates in 5 positions, Excellent performance at 20kHz operating frequency. For more info »
Miniature Magnetic Cylinder Sensor
TURCK’s line of magnetic cylinder position sensors now includes the BIMUNR, a miniature sensor designed to mount within C-groove cylinders - no accessories required. Simplifying installation it can be inserted into a C-groove from the top rather than from the side, a 1.5 mm hexagon mounting screw requires only a quarter-turn to securely mount the sensor. It’s dimensions of 2.9 x 4.6 x 18 mm make the BIM-UNR one of the most compact sensors now on the market.
Series 61 E-Stop Offers a very Small Footprint
EAO’s new Series 61 E-Stop products has a efficient modular design with a 16mm mounting. It is compact and ideal for situations where space is limited ie; panel mfg., machinery, process control, and industrial control equipment. Series 61 E-stops have an actuator shape that prevents blockage from foreign objects, a black indicator ring visible from long distances, and available key release actuators. EAO E-Stop safety features include twist-to-release or key release actuators and foolproof design in compliance with international safety codes. EAO offers a extensive selection of safety switching components that will serve to satisfy a broad range of electrical and product design needs. For more info »
AF Contactor Systems Save Space, Lower Maintenance Cost
ABB’s AF contactors use 30% less panel space because of their ability to close couple with overloads, disconnects and breakers. Their magnet on top design allows contact inspection and maintenance without removing the power cables. This makes periodic maintenance as much as 50% faster, lowering operating costs. Wide AC/DC coil operating voltage reduces inventory and eliminates contact chatter caused by brown-outs. For more info »
2-inch Stainless Steel Incremental Encoder for Harsh Environments
Kübler by TURCK has expanded its encoder line to in include a 2-inch incremental encoder with a completely stainless steel housing and Viton seals to resist the effects of corrosion and physical abuse. The Sendix 5006 incremental encoder can handle large fluctuations in temperature, from -40 to 85°C, and is IP67 rated when sealed.
Ultra Thin Timers, 5A DPDT Contacts
SSAC leaps into the market leadership position by releasing its redesigned CT-D range of 35mm DIN rail mounting time delay relays. Using recently added manufacturing technology, it is now possible to offer 5 A DPDT output relay contacts in an ultra slim 17.5mm wide package. The multifunction, multirange, universal voltage CT-MFD, can replace a full shelf of individual function timers. Let the ABB application engineers apply LEAN Control Engineering to your next control panel design; reducing panel size, component inventory, and saving $$$. For more info »